American Journal of Construction and Building Materials

Special Issue

The Future of 3D Construction Printing Technologies and Materials

  • Submission Deadline: 18 March 2022
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Mustafa Kucuktuvek
About This Special Issue
3D construction printing (3DCP) refers to various technologies that use 3D printing as a core method to fabricate buildings or construction components.
3D construction printing will revolutionize the construction industry due to its ability to expedite the industrialization of the construction process. The objective of constructing a greater number of buildings in a shorter space of time at a lower cost is what fuels our desire to make this technology a commercial success. By adding more intelligent designs and optimized use of materials to the mix, 3D construction printing can also pave the way for a built environment with greater sustainability.
The resources in the world are being consumed rapidly and nature is on the verge of extinction. For a sustainable world, the construction industry needs advanced construction methods and materials. There is a need for fast safe construction methods where natural resources and energy are used more efficiently. These methods should also be safe and feasible.
This special issue can make an important contribution to science and humanity by publishing the latest developments in 3D construction printing technologies and materials to find solutions to problems in the construction industry and architecture.


  1. 3D Construction Printing
  2. 3DCP Methods
  3. 3DCP Materials
  4. 3DCP Technologies
  5. 3DCP and Sustainability
  6. Future of 3DCP
  7. Climate Change and 3DCP
  8. Natural Disasters and 3DCP
  9. War and 3DCP
Lead Guest Editor
  • Mustafa Kucuktuvek

    Department of Interior Architecture, Iskenderun Technical University, Iskenderun, Turkey